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After School and Summer Programs

Thriv & G.R.O.E. Academy, LLC is pleased to offer after school care, for students ranging from five to fifteen, in our learning centers Thriv & Connect Lounge.

Imagine a program that will nurture students GROETH in a productive environment while allowing them to Thriv in leadership with their peers. We are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of a 21st century child and supporting their community and family through education. When families When families, communities, and leadership come together our students Thriv and G.R.O.E.

Our structured curriculum encourages students to enhance skills already learned and continue the advanced study of language arts, grammar, reading, science, geography, mathematics, fine arts-music, history, foreign language, and computer skills including STEM programming and provide support to struggling students.

Programming Available in Community Centers and For Mobile Learning in ISD’s

  • Substitutes
  • Trained Staff
  • Affordable Prices
  • TEA Approved Lessons and Curriculum

Thriv & G.R.O.E. Academy, LLC offers customized programs that consist of enrichment and academics servicing grades kindergarten thru twelfth grade. The after-school programs will operate from dismissal time – 6:00 PM unless an administrative assistant is requested for specialized tasks. Programming allows students to experience whole child academic and enrichment activities while being socially developed.
*Operation times of Summer Programs vary depending on site and service needs.

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