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Adolescent (6th – 8th Grade)

Students in this age group need a place to call their own. Social and emotional development will be incorporated with age appropriate tools and skills needed to undergird our adolescents in a well rounded curriculum including, STEAM, homework assistance, our you’ve got this mentally tough training, and more. Teens experience lots during this time and worry for self esteem should not be one of them. We help students through an understanding of identity and acceptance of oneself while being studious academically.



Young Adult (9th – 10th Grade)
The final stepping stone in Thriv & G.R.O.E. Academy, LLC will launch a child into their successful future. SAT preparation, service learning, and student support will guide a child into their adulthood. Personal growth and peer advising will allow a child to know how to manage their money, apply for their first job, and apply to college. We also offer mentorship opportunities.

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